Soulful Art since 2010

Capturing details to those who seek beyond the surface.

Quirky production company specializing in photo, video, fine art, design, styling, and lighting.

We also offer equipment rentals for small photoshoots, weddings, and events.

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Juliet Rose is Co-Curator at Industry Artist Lounge & Gallery

Favorite clients include Campowerment, Crate & Barrel , Nestle, and the Miss Chelsea Pro Collaborative

Featured in: Oprah Magazine, Forbes, Long Island Pulse, PunchLand, and Mimi's Attic Ithaca

Portraiture, fine art, and lifestyle photos are shot on 100% analogue film [35mm and 120m] 



Meet our team.


Owner, Juliet

Juliet or Jules runs on art, nature, and good people. Inspiration comes from all aspects of life; the beautiful and the ugly- art is everywhere if we only choose to see it. Her travels across the county makeup the landscapes and people in her fine art images.

Juliet strives to be her most authentic self which allows her subjects to be in their true form in front of the camera. This energy exchange creates a genuine capture of the soul that’s timeless and unique. Juliet is also a master of photoshop and has been dubbed a “photo ninja” by Campowerment Campers.

Her favorite past times include: cooking, thrifting, hiking, & concerts.


Associate, Tim

Tim Schnitzer met Juliet in college back in 2013 and have been collaborating together ever since.

Tim’s portfolio ranges from self portraits to documenting our trans sisters. He is dynamic, a master of lighting, and fierce. Catch his personal work here:

His favorite past times include: composing electronic music, vegan dining, and concerts.